3 reasons why Dental Implants abroad are a bad idea

Before the national lockdown hit in March 2020, dental tourism was booming. Whilst nobody has been able to travel over the past year, with the world slowly starting to return to normal – we want to talk a little about opting for dental implants abroad.

We’ve spoken before about why people go abroad for dental implants, but today we want to shed a bit of light on why hopping on a plane to get a new smile could be a mistake.

So, if you’re unhappy with your smile and feel the allure of affordable dental work abroad, read on.

  1. Are dental implants abroad as cheap as you think? Let’s talk hidden costs

The number one reason why people opt for dental implants abroad is down to the affordability factor. And who can blame them? There’s no denying that getting dental implants in foreign countries is often considerably cheaper, right?

Well – there is more to it than the face value price.

Hidden costs are almost always involved in dental tourism, from food and drink during your trip to travel and accommodation. And if no unexpected costs arise at the time, the chances are you will end up paying out later in the future, especially if your implant has failed or other complications arise leading to the need for costly fixes back in the UK.

  1. How high is the quality of your dental implant?

Our first point leads us nicely on to quality. It’s important to note from the get-go that it is not uncommon for those having dental implants abroad to later need corrective treatment in the UK. So, what that tells us is that there’s a large chance the quality of the materials involved in dental tourism is largely below parr.

Not only does this mean a lot of hidden costs, but it can also mean painful, invasive treatments later down the line to help fix the issues.

But why is dental tourism so synonymous with poor quality? The key thing to know is that the dental practices within the UK that offer these treatments are regulated and trained. With many foreign countries, these regulations aren’t necessarily in place, and so you are much less likely to receive the same high standards as you’d be getting within the UK.

  1. Let’s talk aftercare

Depending on the kind of dental implants you get, there might be a certain level of aftercare involved in order to get the very most out of your new smile. This is vital to ensure your dental implants stay healthy and function as they should.

However, when you opt for dental implants abroad, you are losing out on this imperative part of the implant journey. That is of course unless you’re prepared to travel back to the destination for check-ups, which would require time out from work and plenty of expense.

Why choose Evo Dental for your Dental Implants?

Whilst the allure of affordable dental work is unquestionable, it’s so important to consider the bigger picture before committing to potentially harmful dental tourism.

Here at Evo Dental, we have had a number of patients come to us after having failed dental implants abroad, so we appreciate how difficult it can be to deal with. The good news is that our experienced, friendly and understanding team are more than equipped to provide unrivalled dental implant treatments, meaning you never need to go abroad in the first place.

Although dental implants in the UK are not cheap, we pride ourselves on offering a range of finance options – ensuring our specialist knowledge is available to everyone who needs it.

To find out if our EvoSolution is right for you – get in touch with our team on 0800 470 3050 Click to Call or fill in our quick contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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