What Is The All-On-Four Procedure?

If you suffer from severe tooth loss, it can be easy to feel like you’re alone – but the truth is that only 17% of all adults in the UK were reported to have healthy periodontal tissues that displayed no signs of disease at all in 2020.

That said, it doesn’t make the effects of tooth loss any less impactful, with many of our patients reporting to have low confidence and self-esteem as well as struggling to lead a regular social life through feelings of shame or embarrassment.

But what’s the answer? Well, if you haven’t heard of all-on-four dental implant procedure before – you’ve come to the right place!

What is the all-on-four procedure?

For many years now, dentures have been the most relied upon solution for severe tooth loss in the UK, but it is often the case that these temporary teeth can become ill-fitting over time, leading to discomfort and pain doing everyday tasks including eating, drinking and speaking.

In fact, most individuals feel reluctant to wear dentures because of the embarrassment they feel, with many patients reporting that their dentures hurt, slipped out when talking or made loud noises that made them feel ashamed. This often leads to individuals becoming withdrawn and isolated, preferring to not go out at all.

The good news is that modern technology has allowed dental experts to offer permanent solutions to severe tooth loss that weren’t possible before, and that’s where the all-on-four implant comes in.

Of course, dental implants aren’t a new fix – but traditionally, they would require substantial bone presence to even be considered as each implant would be screwed into the bone individually.

With the all-on-four technique, there are only four points of contact between the artificial teeth and jaw bone, meaning that the procedure can often still go ahead, even where severe bone loss has taken place.

Not only that – but the end result is one that looks, feels and – most importantly – performs like a natural smile would. For those long-suffering victims of gum disease, the all-on-four solution has the potential to be life-changing.

Are all on four dental implants permanent?

Perhaps the best part about the all-on-four implants is that, unlike dentures, they offer a permanent solution to missing teeth. Once fitted, they are in for good and perform just as your normal smile would, requiring the same high level of care and upkeep to ensure they last for many years.

Not only is this more comfortable as you never run the risk of your teeth becoming loose, uncomfortable or painful to wear, but it also means you don’t need to keep returning to the dentist for fitting sessions, worry about what you’re eating or be self-aware when socialising with loved ones.

How much do all on four implants cost?

Naturally, the life-changing nature of the all-on-four implant procedure means that it is an investment which needs careful consideration. The all-on-four implants price can vary depending on whether you need one or both jaws treating and because we use only the highest quality materials and the most industry-leading technology, we must ensure our pricing reflects this.

However, we don’t believe anyone should go without a smile they can proud of because of their financial situation, which is why we offer a range of finance options. To find out more, take a look at our pricing page or get in touch with a member of our team who’d be happy to go through your options.

How do you clean under all on four implants?

Unlike dentures which require removing and cleaning daily – the all-on-four implants can be taken care of much like your natural teeth would. Flossing after each meal and daily brushing of your new teeth should be all it takes to keep your smile looking great.

You must look after your all on four or EvoSolution by using water flossing, mouthwash, brushing and attending routine dental appointments like you would natural teeth, this should help you maintain your winning smile for years to come.

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