What is a Dental Therapist? What to expect from my Oral Hygiene Appointment?

Meet the newest member of the Evo Family, our dually Qualified Dental Hygiene Therapist, Lauren who is going to tell you exactly what to expect at your appointments with her.

As a Dental Therapist my role is to work in conjunction with the Clinicians and Nurses here at EvoDental, providing clinical and therapeutic care. Within my job role I am responsible for educating patients through oral health promotion, I will work alongside my patients advising and motivating individuals to look after their oral hygiene and improve their routine at home.

What is my role as a Dental Therapist? 

My role is to establish the patient’s general health and oral health habits, advise and educate patients on how they can improve and adapt properly to maintain optimal oral health. I will carry out a full oral assessment complete thorough exams for gum health, check the health of your implants and surrounding soft tissues. I am responsible to check for any abnormalities that may be present to highlight and discuss anything I see that should be of concern. Dental Therapists can carry out duties fothe following, cleaning the teeth and gums, treating oral diseases such as gum diseaseplacing local anaesthetics (for fillings or primary tooth extractions) or providing emergency care for the patients. I am able to prescribe and take particular X-rays for patients when justified and together form a diagnosis with the treating dentist.

What is my role for patients starting their Evo Journey? 

Throughout your Evo Journey, want you to feel as comfortable and stress free as possible. For new patients, we will first meet at your 6-week appointment, after you come for your final prosthetic fit. Your appointment will typically last 30 minutes where I will demonstrate the best way to take care and maintain your new smile. This will include going through how to use your new Electric toothbrush that we will give you, as well as how to use your new water flosser, single tufted brush and interdental brushes. This also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions regarding aftercare. I will also give you some documents regarding everything we have discussed as I know it can take some time to get used to a new oral hygiene routine! promise when you have left your appointment with me, you will feel confident in looking after your EvoSolution.

What is my role for existing patients who have completed their Evo Journey? 

For our existing patients, you will be aware of the importance of maintenance visits, I will be the friendly face you will see on these appointments. Maintenance visits are basically your typical hygiene visits, we will discuss how everything’s looking, how well your cleaning your new teeth and gold star for you guys if everything is looking good! I will carry out a full oral assessment checking for areas of bleeding, plaque and inflammation. If we come across any of these don’t worry, we will work together to modify these causing factors by adapting your oral hygiene routine. On these visits I will be cleaning around the implants and bridge work with a combination of aultrasonic water scaler and air polishing device. The reason behind this is to disrupt any areas of bacteria and plaque that may be accumulating. There are areas in your mouth were us Clinicians can access easier than you at home so it’s important to attend any visits recommended by us.

It’s okay to have questions, this is a new journey and process for you, and we will be in it together.
We have all been new to something, it takes time and perseverance to get use to a new routine but I’m here to make sure you feel like you again before your walk out of the door at our Clinic!

By Lauren McGovern, Dental Therapist at EvoDental

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