5 Aftercare Tips For Looking After Your Prosthesis

Lauren’s Top 5 Oral Hygiene Tips!

When it comes to the aftercare of your prosthesis, oral hygiene is one of the most important, yet overlooked, steps. The tissue around your prosthetic is still susceptible to gum disease, and whilst you no longer must worry about cavities, it’s still important to ensure you have a consistent and effective oral hygiene routine.

Lauren’s 5 Top Tips for caring for your EvoSolution

  • Brushing twice a day for two minutes is very important, using an electric toothbrush is recommended such as a Phillips Sonicare or Oral B electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are 5x more effective in cleaning than a manual brush. It’s also important to use a non-abrasive toothpaste on your EvoSolution.
  • A Waterpik is going to be your best friend. We highly recommend all our patients to use a Waterpik water flosser to help reduce the build-up of plaque around their implants and bridge. The Waterpik Water flosser should be used morning and evening alongside brushing for effective cleaning, I recommend using the medium or low setting.  It’s also recommended to be use as an extra after mealtimes too.
  • A single end-tufted brush also known as an inter- space brush is suitable for hard-to-reach areas around your EvoSolution. The long thing handled brush will allow you to clean around the implant and underneath the bridge we’re your electric toothbrush won’t fit.
  • Regular maintenance visits are important, prevention is key and following the recommended advice given by your dental clinician here at EvoDental we can monitor the health of your implants and bridge. Your clinician will recommend how often you should attend for your maintenance visits, all advice is tailored specifically to the individual.
  • Stop smoking here at EvoDental we encourage all our patients who are current smokers to try and quit before undergoing their evo solution treatment. We advise to give up Smoking for both your general and oral health, to quit smoking will drastically reduce the risk of infection post treatment and implant failure.

By keeping a consistent oral hygiene routine, you are keeping your gums and tongue healthy and your prosthesis fresh!

By Lauren McGovern, Dental Therapist at EvoDental

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