Our technology

At Evodental, we are technology-driven and are renowned for our investment in the latest and best technology, equipment and materials on the market. We are also proud to be key opinion leaders in ongoing research and development by some of our world-leading partners.

This commitment allows us to continually develop new techniques and procedures, meaning we provide the highest quality service for our patients. We are, for example, becoming less and less surgically invasive, which can only ever be a good thing. By incorporating a digital workflow of scanning, designing and machining, we can produce highly individualised treatment solutions for every patient. We are able to offer patients fast treatment turnaround times using implant materials which have been specifically designed for this purpose, and our dental prosthetics increasingly look, feel and behave just like real teeth.

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Advances in 3D CT imaging

Patient having a CT scan

3D CT imaging has allowed us to look inside the body in more detail than we have ever been able to before. This means greater predictability for optimal clinical outcomes. We can now take extremely accurate 3 dimensional CT scans of the inside of a patient’s mouth, seeing exactly where the nerves and blood vessels are, and how much bone is present.

Patient CT scan images

This detailed 360 degree picture of the patient’s mouth is created in a matter of seconds during the consultation appointment, without the need for any invasive procedures. It provides us with all the information we need to assess a patient case and formulate a personal treatment plan.

World-leading digital scanning technology

3D scanning is a fast and accurate method of putting the physical measurements of an object onto the computer, which then becomes a computer-aided design (CAD) model. Our innovative and world-leading software partners continue to push the boundaries of 3D optical scanning technology, enabling us to achieve the most accurate and highest precision scan data possible, which is vital in helping us create our quality dental restorations.

Our software technology also enables us to plan and carry out every surgical procedure ‘virtually’, well in advance of actual implant surgery taking place.

Latest bio-medical engineering technology

Our investment in the latest bio-medical engineering technology complements the technical skills of our expert craftsmen and allows our in-house dental laboratory to produce ultra-bespoke prosthetics to the highest gold standards.

State-of-the-art bio materials

Patient having a CT scan

We are continually at the forefront of latest developments in dental implant bio-materials. New materials can themselves influence the development of a new technique or make new implant procedures possible. We work closely with our partners in developing the new dental bio-materials of tomorrow.