4 Reasons To Consider Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Tooth loss is not uncommon – in fact, it affects over 30% of the UK population. However, regardless of how commonplace tooth loss is, for those suffering it can often feel as though nobody else in the world understands.

Although tooth loss is usually preventable, in some cases other factors can increase the likelihood of gum disease, such as diabetes, pregnancy or congenital reasons. And, for those who have suffered severe tooth loss where most or all the natural teeth are gone, there can be a severe drop in quality of life.

Whilst there are options for those who suffer from tooth loss, many opt to delay treatment, whether that be due to a fear of the dentist, embarrassment or for financial reasons. So, today we’re going to be taking a look at a few of the key reasons why you should consider replacing your missing teeth in 2021.

  1. You deserve to feel confident again!

The number one complaint we hear from our patients is that their severe tooth loss has meant they’ve been left without any confidence at all. For many, this means things like socialising, meals out or a night at the pub are all things of the past. In fact, many of our past patients have confessed to becoming very introverted as a result of the embarrassment they feel because of their gum disease.

But here at EvoDental, we believe everybody deserves to have high self-esteem and confidence, which is why we are so dedicated to offering accessible denture alternatives for those who have suffered severe tooth loss.

Say goodbye to weekends in, covering your mouth when you speak or worrying about ill-fitting dentures causing embarrassment around friends – because we are confident, we can help.

  1. Stop bone loss in its tracks

When teeth are missing, bone structure in our jaws can alter, and as a result, the shape of the face can change too. This bone shrinkage often leads to the gums pulling back, affecting any remaining healthy teeth and also negatively impacting the face, resulting in a gaunt or aged appearance.

One of the many benefits of our EvoSolution is that it not only replaces missing teeth with a new smile that looks and feels natural, but it also has the potential to stop the progression of bone loss, helping to support facial structure.

  1. Indulge in your favourite foods again

If there’s one thing people miss the most as a result of missing teeth, it’s the freedom to eat and drink whatever they want. The truth is that with several or all missing teeth, the ability to eat the types of food you once would have is lost and you most likely can no longer enjoy a full and varied diet.

Even those with dentures fitted feel that they don’t have full freedom to eat whatever they like through fear of the temporary teeth becoming damaged or coming out. With our permanent full jaw dental implants, you no longer need to worry about watching what you put in your mouth.

  1. A long term solution IS possible

More often than not, our patients come to us after being advised by other dental clinics that the only possible solution for missing teeth is dentures. The reason we have become so well-respected and trusted is that we specialise in a permanent denture alternative with our EvoSolution.

Whether it’s one jaw or both that needs treatment, our specialists have the years of experience, skill and the facilities to create a bespoke set of teeth that are fitted to last for many years to come.

Although dentures may have been offered as your only solution, so often is the case that we can provide a truly unique option that can help you regain your life and your smile.

So, if like so many of our other patients you have been deterred from seeking a permanent solution to tooth loss, why don’t you get in touch? We offer a free consultation to determine whether our treatment is right for you, and with a wide range of finance options available – we’re confident we can help.

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