“An informed patient is a more relaxed patient”

At Evodental we provide a total jaw rehabilitation centre, providing dental implant-based treatment for patients who require full jaw oral reconstructions.

Our operations are life changing, and our experienced team – we have completed thousands of full arch reconstructions – aim to create a new smile, where possible, in just one visit.

Information is power

At the same time, we understand that for many of our patients and potential patients the decision to pick up the phone or visit our website and book a free consultation is fraught with anxiety. Any dental procedure can be nerve wracking.  Understandably, a full jaw reconstruction can provoke very natural fears and a host of questions.

At Evodental, it’s our fervent belief that an informed patient is a more relaxed patient. We will strive to answer every question you have, and keep you fully informed throughout the journey to your new smile. We are confident that the more you know about our procedures, expertise and aftercare, the calmer and more confident you will be.

You can read about the details of our procedure elsewhere on this site, but suffice to say that we employ state of the art technology, and the most innovative surgery techniques – many developed by our in-house team – to make the process as comfortable and easy as it is possible to be.

Point of contact

From your very first consultation with Evodental, we will empower you with information. You will be assigned a dedicated client coordinator, an individual who becomes your first point of contact with Evo. You will be talked through the options available to you and the details of the treatment process.

We won’t hide behind technical language or ‘dentist speak’. Everything will be explained in plain, clear English.

We will invite your questions and encourage an open dialogue. If you leave the consultation and then think of a question you wished you had asked, just pick up the phone or drop us an email. We will be happy to answer. We pride ourselves on being welcoming, caring, understanding, non-judgmental, professional, and extremely friendly.

Questions always answered

That commitment to openness extends to the surgery itself. In the surgery room, large wall-mounted screens let our clinicians display panoramic x-rays and other displays, so we can show you what the process will be and what it means for your coming smile. A full jaw rehabilitation usually only requires local anaesthetic, though we can offer IV sedation if required.

The benefits of keeping patients fully informed about their surgery are obvious. We often find that patients forget about their anxieties when they know exactly what is happening and what the result will be.

Our commitment you keeping you informed continues after surgery too.  You will be given all the advice and information you need on caring for your new smile, as well as treating any post-operative tenderness in the mouth and mild swelling that can accompany any dental procedure. Again, if you have any questions or concerns you can pick up the phone or send an email and we will answer promptly and completely.

Rest assured, from the moment you first contact Evodental we will be open and honest about the solutions we can offer, the options open to you and the process that will lead to your new smile. To start that journey please complete our suitability form to book a free consultation.

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