Are full-mouth dental implants better than dentures?

The traditional solution to mass tooth loss is dentures, otherwise known as false teeth.

Used to support the face and mouth, assist in normal chewing, and replace missing smiles, dentures slot into the mouth and are removed at the end of the day.

However, they can be painful, slip around while eating or talking, and even fall out.

With this in mind, denture wearers often wonder if there is a more useful alternative.

The most beneficial solution is full-mouth dental implants.

Full-mouth dental implants bring back your smile and increase confidence without the tricky maintenance.

Why are full-mouth implants better than dentures?

Implantology advances now to ensure that dental implants are now vastly more robust than traditional dentures and provide the best base for a fixed set or prosthetic teeth. This allows for prostheses which mimic natural teeth in both appearance and function.

They are also:

  • Well fitting
  • Fitted the same day at EvoDental, thanks to on-site dental laboratories
  • The longest-lasting solution
Full Mouth Dental Implants - All you need to know

Bespoke fitting keeps teeth still

Dentures are fitted around the mouth using dental impressions and are designed to slot into the mouth, fitted over the top of the existing gums.

Some people choose to use adhesives alongside their dentures to help fix them into place.

However, despite being moulded to their mouth and even when using adhesives, dentures can still rub, wobble, and slip around in the mouth of the wearer – all of which is potentially embarrassing and often painful.

Full-mouth dental implants from EvoDental, however, are fixed into the jawbone, so cannot move, slip, fall out, or cause discomfort.

The prosthetic teeth that are fitted to these implants act as replacements for your real teeth, which means that you will never have to worry about people spotting your implants or risk them falling out in public.

Same day results

The time between getting dental impressions so your dentures can be manufactured to fit you, and their arrival can be anything from 3-4 weeks to 6-8 weeks, and even longer in some cases.

During this time, you can get immediate dentures, sometimes called temporary dentures, if you have mass tooth loss. Commonly, these have a worse fit than permanent dentures and can be very uncomfortable.

Full-mouth dental implants however are attached to the jawbone.

Constructed from titanium, these implants replace the roots of the removed teeth, and prosthetic teeth are added on top to replace the now extracted teeth.

At EvoDental, we never use temporary dentures.

Our process provides a ‘Smile in a Day’ solution that changes the lives of patients across the country and saves weeks of discomfort and awkwardness.

The longer-lasting solution

Your average full denture has a life expectancy of around 5-7 years.

You could have to have upwards of 4 pairs of dentures across your lifetime, which would mean also repeating the time-consuming process of having more dental impressions and wearing temporary dentures until yours are ready.

Full-mouth dental implants from EvoDental, however, last much longer, , and are easy to maintain – prolonging their lifespan.

The titanium material the implants are constructed of can fuse with the bone, which strengthens and helps to make sure that your dental implants can stand the test of time.

Helping you make the best choice for you

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