The Rising Popularity Of All-On-Four Dental Implants

It is believed that 90% of adults in the UK experience some kind of gum disease – including gingivitis and periodontitis – and as such, the requirement for cosmetic dentistry has increased.

An estimated 130,000 dental implants were placed in patients in the UK in 2012, a figure which is now thought to have doubled, referenced by 30% of the dental implant market now being supplied by expert implantologists.

So why are they becoming more popular?

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Dental implants, particularly all-on-four implants – where between four and six screws are implanted into the upper and lower jaws with a precision engineered fixed full-arch dental implant – are proving to be a cost-effective alternative to dentures.

Dental implants vs dentures

Dentures need adhesive to fix them to your gums, which often has to be replaced after each meal – and they are notorious for being ill-fitting and uncomfortable.

You also need to avoid certain foods, including anything with seeds in it, and they also need to be removed every night and the adhesive scrubbed off in preparation of more in the morning.

Dental implants – particularly all-on-four implants – are noted to be an excellent alternative to dentures. Once fitted, the implants won’t move, fall out and you can eat what you want! Although still important to take care of them as you would a full mouth of natural teeth, dental implants can last the rest of your natural life.

However, not only are all-on-four dental implants becoming more popular in the UK, more and more people are travelling overseas to have dental implants, where they are often considered to be less expensive than the UK-based versions.

Popularity of all-on-four-dental implants abroad

Known as ‘dental tourism’, travelling overseas to have cosmetic dentistry, including dental implants, is a firm favourite with celebrities and the like, where it costs less than the UK counterparts.

However, this option can actually end up costing you more as there are a number of all on four dental implant costs you maybe haven’t bargained on.

Hidden dangers

For example, whereas they offer the procedure with just one appointment, you actually have to see the dentist two or three times over the course of a few months prior to having the dental work completed. This can really rack up the costs if you think about how much the plane fare is and the expenses incurred by staying in a local hotel and don’t forget the time off work you will need to book!

In addition to this, you are not guaranteed to receive implants which are of the quality of those available in the UK, and they can even be ill-fitting and painful. As dentists overseas are often unregulated, without the required skills or knowledge required to fit dental implants that will last a lifetime, you are never guaranteed to receive the quality you expect.

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If this is the case, then you will need to go to the added expense of having the implants fixed in the UK, which can sometimes include bone graft if the failure of the dental implant isn’t recognised within time enough to be able to save it.

If travelling abroad for dental implants, you also have the added pressures of a language barrier, lack of aftercare and no legal recourse if things go wrong.

Is it really worth the risk?

Peace of mind

By having all-on-four dental implants fitted at EvoDental, you will be guaranteed to receive a smile that you’re proud of! We offer a free, no obligation consultation where we will assess your suitability for all-on-four dental implants and if you are, we will tell you there and then.

Our EvoSolution – an advanced alternative to all-on-four dental implants – is a smile in a day treatment that is a long-lasting solution for replacing dentures, loose, decaying or missing teeth, with a full-set of all-on-four dental implants.

From the day you come into our care, we will continue to look after you and your dental implants, consulting you at every turn of your treatment.

If you want the peace of mind with your dental implants, then give us a call today on ‘0800 470 3057’ and we can get the process started!

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