What To Expect After Dental Implant Treatment

Many of patients are surprised at how straightforward the process of getting dental implants is here at EvoDental. Full mouth dental implants are all that we do here, we’ve become very proficient at it.

Our unique technique, the EvoSolution, is an advanced procedure involving placement and restoration of dental implants in a day. This one-of-a-kind procedure, combined with our highly experienced team, state-of-the-art equipment and bespoke facilities, mean we can deliver the highest level of treatment, recovery and afterare.

Despite this, we know from experience that many patients are not only worried about the surgery itself, but also what to expect after getting their EvoSolution.

With this in mind, we’ve written this post to cover what you can expect immediately after dental implant surgery and in the weeks that follow.

What To Expect Post-Dental Implant Surgery With EvoDental

You might feel a little drowsy following surgery due to the sedatives which are used to help keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. We therefore recommend that you ask a friend or relative to collect you. 

A little blood following surgery is normal. We will place gauze sponges around the dental implants to absorb any blood. After a half an hour, you may be able to remove these sponges and have something to eat. Avoid any hot food and drink for the few days.

Any pain around your dental implants that begins after the anaesthetic wears off should be mild, and easily controlled with over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol. This usually resolves after the first week but some patient can get ulcers and have a slightly slower recovery.

Take this time to rest and recuperate!

How you may feel 1-3 days after dental implants

In the first few days after your dental implant surgery, if you are lucky there will be minimal swelling and no bruising. However, everybody heals differently. Some people swell up to the size of a football or have bruising such as black eyes or around your chin. You may have some jaw ache because of the procedure and you may not be able to open your mouth quite as wide in the first week or so. It is to expected after this kind of surgery.

A cold compress on the outside of the mouth should help manage the swelling. After the first 72 hours, you can resume eating hot food. However, you must stick to soft foods for the first 4 months. Anything that you can eat or cut with a spoon is fine – for example, pasta, fish, or soup.

You can also start to brush your teeth after the first 24 hours, but very gently. Brush the prosthesis & prosthetic gums but not your own gums.

3-7 days following the procedure

Most of the facial swelling from your dental implant surgery should have subsided the end of the first week, and you can continue most of your regular activities as usual. Try to avoid strenuous exercise for now, though.

You should still stick to soft foods, but it is okay to introduce a little texture – foods like well-cooked vegetables or soft fruits are fine.

Initially things can feel strange and requires a little bit of getting used to, as it is a substantial change to undergo in the space of 8 hours.

7-14 days following your dental implant surgery


You’ll start to notice some improvements following your dental implant surgery during the second week. Usually by this time the swelling will have disappeared.[SC1] 

Don’t eat anything too chewy or crunchy for now – so no apples or steak for the time being, we advise sticking to soft foods for 6 months, anything you can cut with a fork is a good rule to go by.

You can start to resume light exercise this week, but we advise that you stay away from intense cardio activities, such as running, until the following week.

What to expect from 14 days after dental implants

Your dental implants should be healing nicely by now, and you can gently resume all your usual activities. 

We’ll see you in our clinic again around six weeks after your dental implant surgery to review how your gums are healing and how you are finding living with your new teeth. For EvoAdvanced and EvoUltimate we will see you at 12 weeks to fit your definitive prosthetics.

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As you’ve just learned, the recovery process following dental implants with EvoDental is relatively fast and straightforward.

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