How Do You Fix Rotten Teeth?

Rotten teeth can be extremely painful, and can also be very embarrassing, especially if they’re at the front of your mouth. There are several options for fixing rotten teeth, including crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implants.

However, if you have many rotten teeth that need removing, full mouth dental implants are the best option by far, and we’ll discuss the reasons why in this post.

Treatments for rotten teeth

Rotten teeth can rapidly progress to an infection, which can be dangerous. If the decay hasn’t spread as far as the tooth pulp, fillings are a popular option. However, if the pulp has been affected, then in some cases, removing the tooth may be the only option.

Once a tooth has been removed, the bone where the tooth was starts to degrade, in a process known as bone resorption. Dentures can hide your missing teeth and allow you to chew your food, but underneath, there is still no tooth root in the bone. Therefore, your bone will degrade over time.

Dentures also tend to move around a lot when speaking and eating. This can be annoying, and also extremely embarrassing, particularly if you’re not of an age where dentures would be expected!

Why ‘Smile in a Day’ dental implants are the best solution for rotten and missing teeth

Dental implants are custom-designed to look and act just like your natural teeth. They can be brushed and flossed, and you can eat and speak without them moving around like dentures tend to. Dental implants won’t rub or be uncomfortable – in fact, before long you’ll forget you’ve got them at all!

They are the gold standard for replacing missing or rotting teeth and, when the procedure is carried out by experienced professionals, they should be durable enough to last a lifetime.

Best of all, dental implants prevent the bone loss that is associated with missing teeth, as the implants take the place of the tooth root. This, in turn, prevents the sunken facial appearance that can be caused by loss of bone. In fact, dental implants actually strengthen your jawbone!

This is one of the reasons why dental implants are the perfect choice for people suffering from rotten or missing teeth. And here at EvoDental, you could walk away with your brand new teeth on the very same day, with our ‘Smile in a Day’ full mouth dental implants.

Do rotten teeth need to be removed before ‘Smile in a Day’ dental implants are placed?

If you have missing or rotten teeth, or you’re struggling with loose-fitting dentures, our ‘Smile in a Day’ full mouth dental implants will transform your smile and help you get your life back.

Here at EvoDental, we specialise exclusively in full mouth dental implants, so we are perfectly placed to complete your smile makeover in a single day. This includes removing your rotten teeth, placing the implants and fixing your initial set of prosthetic teeth in place.

Our ‘Smile in a Day’ EvoSolution is an advanced alternative to all-on-four dental implants. Our highly specialised experts can place two additional implants in the nasalus, pterygoid and zygomatic areas of your upper jaw. This means that we will probably be able to help you, even if you’ve been told by your dentist that you don’t have enough bone for dental implants.

Here’s a timeline to show how you can go from a mouthful of rotten teeth to a sparkling new smile in a single day with EvoDental.

MorningAfternoonLate afternoon
  We’ll welcome you to our clinic at 8am. You will then be taken to a private patient suite, where your Evo nurse will answer any questions that you may have about the day ahead.   Then, under sedation and pain-free, any remaining teeth are extracted and your dental implants will be placed. Each jaw takes about 2 hours.    You will be taken back to your comfortable private patient suite.   Here, you can relax and recover while your bespoke initial prosthesis is made in our on-site lab.    Your new ‘Smile in a Day’ prosthetic teeth will then be placed.   You will leave our clinic with your initial set of fixed teeth. In the case of our EvoUltimate or EvoAdvanced options, you’ll return six weeks later for your final set of teeth. These will be reinforced and slimmer than the first set.   It’s important to note that none of our EvoSolutions will require you to wear dentures at any point.    

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If you’re suffering from the consequences of rotten or missing teeth, we encourage you to read about some of the people whose lives our ‘Smile in a Day’ procedure has changed for the better.

We regularly treat patients whose own dentist has informed them that they wouldn’t be suitable for dental implants. So if this is you, you should definitely get in touch. Thanks to our extensive experience, it is extremely rare that we come across teeth that are so bad that we can’t find a solution!

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